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Automatic Curling Iron Hair Curler with Tourmaline Ceramic Heater and LED Mini Portable Digital Hair Curling Wand Instructions 1. Connect the n spindle to the correct power source 2. It turns on and off p

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Automatic curling iron hair curler with tourmaline ceramic heater and LED mini portable digital curling wand


1. Connect the spin n curler to the correct power supply 2. The display of the spin n curler is turned on and off by pressing the Power button on the handle, the screen will light up to show that the machine is on 3. Select the alarming temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons ) or set the desired temperature by pressing the button (M) to use the preset temperature of low, medium and high. 4. The temperature will flash 4 times, indicating that the temperature of the curler has been set 5. Select the desired timer setting using the (+) or (-) buttons 6. After 15 seconds, the iron's temperature and counter will shut off. 7. To open the temperature or change the temperature, press the power button once (the iron lock will disappear) and press the (M) button twice. 8. To unlock the timer setting, press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear) and press the (M) button once 9. After 1 hour of standby mode, the iron will automatically turn off

Hair is pulled into the curling chamber where it is heated and timed for perfect waves and curls every time! Ceramic heat technology produces far-infrared heat while the conditioning benefits of anions result in shinier, healthier and more beautiful hair. Curling hair has never been easier with the Air Spin N Curler.

Suitable for all hair types. Clever curl guards for gorgeous, lasting curls like a pro. Natural flowing open design for perfect, stress-free waves. Digital temperature display, creating a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage.


Weight: 1000 grams. Voltage: 110~240V. Delivery: / UK.

Package includes:

1 x air pulley. 2 x Crocodile Hair Pin 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Instruction Manual

220 SAR 250 SAR
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